Review Procedure

All articles submitted to the editorial board of the “Yearbook of the IARHCRG” journal are subject to mandatory scientific expertise.

Leading scholars of Russian universities and institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as foreign specialists, who have had publications on the subject of a peer-reviewed article for the last 3 years, are involved in the review.

The editorial board of the “Yearbook of the IARHCRG” journal determines the compliance of the article with the profile of the journal, the requirements for registration and sends it for review by a specialist closest to the topic of the article and scientific specialization. The journal uses a system of double "blind" peer review: two scientific expert reviews (including one external) should be received for each article. The presence of positive reviews is not a reason for accepting the manuscript to be printed. The Editor-in-Chief in consultation with the editorial board makes the final decision on the appropriateness of publication. The texts of the reviews are sent to the author by email with a notice of acceptance, rejection or need to be finalized. Terms of review are determined individually, taking into account various circumstances (formation of the current issue of the journal, the total portfolio of the journal, etc.).

The review should cover the following issues:

  • scientific novelty;
  • methodological validity;
  • representativeness of the source base;
  • the strength of the argumentation;
  • correct use of publications;
  • literary style;
  • publication of new field, museum and archival materials;
  • match the journal profile.

Original reviews are stored in the archive of the editorial office for five years. The editorial board undertakes to send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation when the relevant request is submitted to the editorial office.


By approving the final layout of the article (sending an e-mail to the editor with their consent), the authors (while retaining the copyright) grant the journal the right of the first publication of the work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows free distribution of the work with the obligatory preservation of references to the authors of the original work and the original publication in this journal.