Requirements for manuscripts

Articles for publication in the “Yearbook of the IARHCRG” journal are accepted in Russian, German or English; 0.5 to 1 author's sheet (20-40,000 characters with spaces, including footnotes, tables, diagrams, illustrations), including abstract (180-200 words), keywords, and complete information about the author in Russian, English and German. The article should have a title page containing the author's full name, information about the author (place of work, position, academic degree, postal address, contact e-mail, and phone number). The manuscript should be verified and dated. The article is to be sent to the editorial office by e-mail (for numbers 5 and 6: in RTF, doc, and docx format. Point size 12, font: Times New Roman, line spacing: 1.5, margins: top/bottom: 2 cm, left: 3, right:1.5, indent: 1.25. Page numbering: from the first text page in the lower right corner.

Text formatting, tabulation, forced hyphenation, etc. are not allowed.

References to literature and notes are to be given page by page using continuing numbered automatic footnotes. The abbreviations and other acronyms in the article are should be necessarily deciphered: either in footnotes or in a separate list at the end of the article. Illustrations to the articles should be presented in separate files in electronic form (file format *.tif or *.jpeg, with a resolution of at least 600 dpi).

At the end of the article should be placed a list of scientific literature published only (sources are not included in the list) after 1917 in the REFERENCES format.

For transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin, we recommend using the automatic transliteration system from the website (selecting the option "MVD").

It is prohibited:

- to use the symbols "//" and "-" to separate the structural elements of the bibliographic description;

- submit to References a description of the work only in transliterated version (without translation into English in square brackets).

When describing collections and collective monographs, the authors are not indicated, or instead of the authors, one, maximum two editors of the publication is indicated.

In the output of publications in the links (articles, books) it is necessary to indicate the number of pages of publication: the range of pages in the publication is indicated by “pp.” before the pages; number of pages in the full edition (book) is indicated as “p.” after specifying the number of pages.

Examples of References:

1) For the monograph:

German A. A. Nemetskaya avtonomiya na Volge. 1918–1941 [German autonomy on the Volga. 1918–1941]. Мoscow: MSNK-press Publ., 2007, 576 p. (in Russ.).

2) For publications without specifying authors (collections, collective monographs) Nemtsy na Urale XVII – XXI vv. [The Germans in the Urals 17 — 21 centuries.]. Nizhniy Tagil: NTGSPA Publ., 2009, 288 p. (in Russ.).

Rossiyskie nemtsy. Istoriografiya i istochnikovedenie [Russian Germans. Historiography and source study]. Edited by A.A. German, I.R. Pleve. Moscow: Gotika Publ., 1997, 372 p. (in Russ.).

3) For magazine articles:

Smirnova T. B., Kisser T. S. [Russian Germans diversity]. Ural’skij istoriceski Vestnik [Ural Historical Journal], 2017, no. 2 (55), pp. 44–53. (in Russ.).

4) For articles in collections:

Barbashina E. R. [The historical phenomenon of the “people in the way”: new questions and contexts — new answers]. Etnicheskiye nemtsy Rossii: Istoricheskiy phenomena “naroda v puti”: materialy XII mezhdunar. nauch. konf. [Ethnic Germans of Russia: Historical phenomenon of the “people in way”: materials of the 12th International. Scien. Conf.]. Moscow: MSNK-press Publ., 2009, pp. 10–18. (in Russ.).

5) For dissertations:

Atamanenko S. V. Immigratsiya v Kanadu i SShA mennonitov Yuga Ukrainy v 70-ye gody XIX veka: kand. diss. [Immigration to Canada and USA of Mennonites of South of Ukraine in the 70s of the 19th century: Diss. Cand.]. Dnepropetrovsk, 2002, 217 p. (in Russ.).

6) In a foreign language:

Rheingold H. Virtuelle Gemeinschaft. Soziale Bezeihungen im Zeitalter des Computers [Virtual Community. Social relations in the age of the computer]. Bonn: Addison-Wesley, 1994, 392 p. (in German).

Müller C. [Online Communities on the Internet]. Sozialwissenschaften und Berufspraxis [Social sciences and professional practice]. 2002, no. 4 (25), pp. 353–364. (in German).

Geertz C. The Interpretation of Cultures. New York: Basic Books, 1973, 470 p. (in English)

In clauses 3, 4, 6 pay attention to the fact that the titles of articles in journals and collections are indicated only in English, in square brackets.